copyleft 2021

this is a place for any funny quotes i find around the web

"move along lads" *realises im trans* "and ladettes"

no sleep?
no sleep
no sleep


"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask why you decided to put some historical quote in front of your frag video. Seriously did you think this would make you look smart or philosophical or something?"


"the beat dropped harder then me going to get food at 3am"

"time of period"

"if that blows up im gonna be very annoyed"

"the more brains we go through the more trans we get"

"catgirls are cool"
"well you're a foxgirl, not a catgirl"

"i'm making an executive disfunction"

"piss clan where are you bb"

the best way to describe skrilex is someone scratching your back but in your ear
you misspelled taking crack while skydiving

ha you just had pride in yourself /lh

im not sure how they managed to maneuver their cranium that far up their rectum but by god they did

"its litteraly built into html austraila, you fucking milfs"

i wonder what skrillex would be like if you smoked it
then i realise you cant smoke music

debating whether or not to add coffee to my instant ramen

life is a zip file

note to self dont send razor blades flying

if you're gonna dress up in a maid amougus skin at least let us kill you

"actually come to think of it wishing a corporeal form, on someone is probably a war crime"

i am original
therefore instead of motion sickness, my site will induce seizures

i got on the scoreboard and i've been dead for 20 minutes

no jazz is actually illegal and infact is banned under the geneva conventions

if your gonna be transphobic at least pick a cool helicopter

i have a severe case of turbo locusts

wherefore art thou romeo, for i have news to deliver to thee, the gravitational constant is often replaced with G

we're a james bond pufferfish motherfucker

what if my shit goes to shit

My driving technique is significantly better than that of 10 year olds (⌐▨_▨)

what seems to be the fuck, my good bitch?

why do you eat dry glue, just eat normal glue its way easier and you dont have to wait for it to dry

my gender is essentially a cocktail of eldritch abomination and the void with some girl to taste and I feel like if your not careful that could cause a buffer underflow exploit

luna: i cannot keep up right now
jess: can you ever
luna: not really

neb: im a cognitohazard

I'm a cat with an MP-40 ,about to eat your broccoli

just legging it to tesco under the aurora borialis

You fucking would use the reply function you Linux abuser

come to think of it i have violated the geneva conventions

lethal weapon go file some taxes


angels are the cops of christianity

square is more bigger

big bird is a communist

*sipping a multiple day old monster* i have expensive taste

you know this mf is straight, like this bitch has a fucking spirit level monitering there sexuality

i think you just started a sex cult in hypixel skyblock

dum shit cat ghost

party hat for a party cat

mcdonalds mcrib nft project links to racial slur recorded on blockchain


is it still graverobbing if the people are still alive
idk ask the british musesum

ofc i wanna throw piss at people

i am casting my most powerful tuna spells

love is stored in the balls

you have created a situation of schrodingers thermodynamics

this isnt the dollar store its a gay bar

i cant read this its all in spanish

well you would need to supeona the bees

live your repetitive nothing live your fear of the unknown live your fear of change, i am choking on a boba

transgender cex

My grandpa was so good at Russian roulette that he lost only once

he is an aspiring fax machine

instructions unclear, birb ate my hand

the cookie monster did 9/11

we want them murdered, i.e. killed to death

you need to use the 5 year old girl to summon the bio terrorism monkey

aww, i only have one type of herpes :(
mommy google

do i look like a beginner? i have experience of 2/365th of a year of experience.
-the duck with a monocle


the advanced cardiac life support algorithm would not tell you to hit a chicken