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Disclaimer: As this page is semi-useful i turned off all the eyestrainy shit from the rest of the site
if you dont like anything eyestraining seriously dont go to any other page on this site
also the reason for writing it in comic sans is because its more readable for people with dyslexia

This page is a place for me to chuck any tips i wish i knew when i was making this site

if you want to remove the .html thing after page names and just have it be foo.com/bar instead of foo.com/bar.html put bar.html in a folder call it index.html and link to that folder
the href tag should look something like < a href="./foo">

if you want to refrence a file in the directory above the html file you are writing use .. to mean the next directory up
so if you were writing a file in the directory foo and wanted to reference a picture in the directory bar and foo and bar are both in the root directory you could write "../bar/foobar.png"

study other peoples sites, the code for mine is here